Classy kitchen

Check out this classy kitchen suite we just designed and built for a San Francisco Dolores Park Victorian.


Many of the upper cabinet doors boast custom leaded glass inserts by Berkeley glass artist Sabina Frank.

glass small

We chose frame-and-panel doors with a bit of a fancy profile to mimic the original trim in the house. The finish is pigmented conversion varnish, for durability and a furniture-grade look.


Here’s this same elevation in CAD. This is how we communicate the nitty gritty for client / architect / contractor approval, prior to construction.

East Elevation J

At the far end of the kitchen, preserving a tall, original window gave the opportunity for a cool ‘jog’ in the cabinetry and  [inadvertently] the perfect spot to store the stand mixer!

range jog small

The end of the island features this cool hutch for spices and other small items – maximizing an otherwise awkward wall.

Hutch small

Over the fridge, we did our typical vertical dividers for storage of trays, cutting boards, baking sheets, etc.

fridge small

Several cabinets have adjustable-height interior pull-outs – very handy.

pull-outs small

Adjoining the kitchen is this really cool china / bar cabinet.

China cab small

This area is underneath a strange, angled soffit – which made for some tricky cabinetry. Can’t tell, can you? That means I did my job well.


The left-most cabinet looks like it has three doors, but they’re actually joined to function as one – to make a generous broom closet.

broom closet small

On the other side, a flip-up door on the middle cabinet provides access to a concealed microwave [no, that’s not a TV].

microwave small

Like what you see? Call me, and let’s talk about building your dream kitchen!



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